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What is the global goal of the project? The global goal of the Trashdation team is to eliminate environmental damage around the world. We believe in a brighter cryptocurrency in the future and believe that you need to enter it with a clear conscience before our descendants and the environment in which they will live.

How to become an ICO member? You can do this by clicking on the link:

Where is the plant planned to be built? The first plant will be located near the capital of Russia, near the polygon "Timohovo" 

What about the impact on the environment? We will ensure that there are no emissions. The only issue is cleaning of metals, poisons and other components of ash after the combustion of non-recyclable wastes, which will be buried or used in the agro-industrial complex.

What are the consequences of the work of factory workers with raw materials? All employees will be equipped with special protection consisting of filters and sealed clothes, which does not harm the human body, and also does not pass odors.

Greenpeace Russia for decades tries to present a collection of split (as in Europe). Do you think it is profitable in our country, will it help your project and will you contribute to the development of this direction? We believe that at the moment, separate garbage collection and its subsequent processing in Russia are not economically effective due to lack of infrastructure. Our project is aimed in particular at solving this problem and creating such infrastructure in the Russian Federation.

Updated 27.02.2018

Does the project solve an objective problem? Of course, the problem of garbage and its processing is global in nature. According to statistics average, a Russian family of 3 people throws an average of 250 kilograms of garbage a year. In Russia now only 4% of garbage is processed, and the most part stored on polygons that negatively influences ecology of our country. 

Does the project really need ICO? For what? Unfortunately, crediting this project is financially unprofitable, and investments in such projects are practically not attracted either by the state or by investors, so we want to implement it with the help of ICO. Project token, Trash Coin (TRH), released in the amount of 10 bln. Pieces is analogous to stock shares. People from all over the world, buying Trash Coin and investing in our project, get not only profit, but also the realization that they took part in saving our planet from pollution. Also our policy is that investors, attracting resources in trashdation, have the right to have full information about the project and to observe how the money invested in the project is realized. 

How will the token turnover be ensured? Our company will accept payment for the services we provide to the partner companies, only Trash Coin'ami, which will allow them to be constantly in circulation, to be sold and purchased. Capitalization of our company will be a factor providing Trash Coin. The information publicity of the project directly increases the interest of potential investors, so we will be glad if you share information about us with your environment.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of funds required to implement the ICO?  The minimum amount of funds that we plan to collect on the ICO (i.e. Soft cap) is 5 000 000 rubles, and the maximum (Hard cap) 100 000 000 rubles. After completion of the construction of the complex our project will continue work on creation of alternative social projects.

Does the project make "startups" or entrepreneurs with experience? Our team has already created and participated in the development of large projects in the IT and heat energy sphere. But let's not forget that Apple started with a small garage and a grand idea, and Facebook was born in a dorm room. 😉

What percentage of tokens will be sold, and how much does the team leave? The team retains 30% of the total number of tokens. The remainder will be implemented in stages in accordance with the Roadmap'om.

Has MVP been developed and has the demand been verified? Of course. Our product is described in detail in White Paper'e project, where the examples of already existing plants and technological complexes of many European countries are considered. Having studied business models of working companies, we have developed our project in accordance with Russian realities.

What is the action plan after the ICO launch? At the end of the ICO, the team will continue to work according to Roadmap'om.

Who and how will be engaged in post-marketing and formation of the market? All these will be engaged persons who have experience in trading, understand the structure of the exchange, the principles of market formation. Our employees will popularize the project token and attract investments. After reaching Hard Cap'a, the company will continue to develop the project: we plan to launch similar systems in other countries where environmental and business assistance is required.

Are people interested in the project?  About our project knows many partners and Kriptosoobshhestv who are interested in further cooperation with us (with the full list of our partners you can familiarize on the main page of the site). The team constantly promotes the project in all possible ways and resources that we possess.  

What are the tokens that won't sell? If the required amount is collected before the time, all remaining tokens will be destroyed, which would increase the rate of Trash Coin'ov, which were sold out to investors.

How is the marketing campaign on the ICO itself being conducted and how diverse the audience is? Within the global Internet network, the geography of our investors is limited by knowledge of the Russian, but many domestic investors are interested in the project and are ready to invest in the second and third stage.

How is the KYC principle organized? In Russia, the requirements of the "Know your client" principle are implemented primarily by the following legislative and normative acts:

  • Federal law of 07.08.2001 N 115-FZ "On counteracting the legalization (laundering) of proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism"
  • "Regulations on identification by credit organizations of clients, representatives of the client, beneficiaries and beneficial owners in order to counteract the legalization (laundering) of the proceeds of crime and the financing of terrorism "(Approved. Bank of Russia 15.10.2015 N 499-P)

What is the minimum and maximum logon threshold in the ICO project? The minimum entry threshold is $100 and the maximum is Hard cap'y. 

Is there any support from people and companies from the sphere in which the project is being created? At this stage, people are showing interest, as well as assisting in the implementation of our project. 

Who and how is responsible for the legal and financial security of the project? The legal and financial security of the project is the responsibility of a. In the. Cymbaljuk. When creating a legal entity will be formed legal department, which will be responsible for legal and financial security. If the project faced with force majeure circumstances, we are ready to return all the funds that were invested in it.

Updated 05.03.2018