Bounty program will be funded from tokens intended for our team. For all questions please contact the project's mail: download…

Our Bounty program is very multifunctional, so please approach to perform some tasks with creativity and all responsibility.

Task: Activity in social networks. Payment: 500 Trash Coin. Conditions: Subscribe to groups VKontakte, Twitter, YouTube Channel, Telegram, classmates. Rate (Extreme 5) posts/videos or comment on them. Repost the pinned record. Provide screenshots that you subscribed to our communities and conduct active social activities in them. Your social networking page should have signs of social activity: friends, lots of avatars, group and community subscriptions. Dates: From 20 March to 20 April.

Task: Creative post in the social network on the subject of the project. Payment: 10 winners will receive 5 000 tokens. Conditions: The main condition: your post should be unique and carry a semantic load. Publish a post with the original presentation of separate garbage collection in your social network and attach to post links to our site and social networks. Dates: indefinitely.

Task: Conducting surveys with a video camera on the subject of the project. Payment: At the discretion of the team. Conditions: Conduct a survey of residents of your city. The title of the video and the subject of the survey you choose, you can contact our team for help.  The duration of the video is 5 to 10 minutes. It is recommended to use the installation to make the video nice to watch. Rollers of poor quality, or with poor installation, as well as with its absence are not awarded. The video should be published on your YouTube channel showing links to our website and social networks. Dates: indefinitely.

Task: organization of Subbotnik. Payment: At the discretion of the team. Conditions: Do you have the opportunity, and the main desire to spend Subbotnik in your city? Then the action plan is as follows: 1. Find an initiative group, agree Subbotnik with local authorities (they may help you to buy, or will be able to rent tools and consumables). 2. Notify people and invite them to your subbotnik. 3. Collect selective debris on your chosen territory and take it to the territory of municipal landfills, and it is better to pass to the points of recycled. You can also contact us and we recycle your trash through recycling. 4. To conduct photo and video shooting process, to record interviews with participants. 5. Specify links to our site, social networks and hashtag #trashdation dates: indefinitely.

Mission: A unique idea for an advertising campaign. Payment: 500 000 Trash Coin or 5 000 $. Conditions: It is necessary to fully describe the idea and mechanism of its implementation. Dates: Until March 31, 2018.

This task is for people who have subscribed to our branch on the forum and have at least 5 messages.

Task: Set our banner in one of the three forums where we are located. Payment: 100 Trash Coin. Terms: Installing our banner in the signature to the end of the ICO on one of the forums. Banners here. Dates: Until April 30, 2018.

Task: Search for bugs on the site. Payment: At the discretion of the team. The reward for each new error will increase. Conditions: Found a bug on our site? Contact the team and explain its essence! We'll fix our mistakes and you'll get a reward. Dates: indefinitely.

Task: Author's photo reports from the landfills of the cities of our country and rallies, which are aimed at combating this problem. Payment: 100 Trash Coin. Conditions: Publish these pictures in your public profile on the social network and attach hashtag #trashdation. Dates: Until April 31, 2018.

Assignment: Assistance in organization of meetings/conferences of the company (allocation of premises, attraction of investors). Payment: At the discretion of the team. Conditions: Send all your offers to us by mail or other contacts of our project. Dates: indefinitely.

Job: Information about companies ready to buy/sell trash. Payment: At the discretion of the team. Conditions: If you have information about companies that would be willing to cooperate with us, please contact us! Dates: indefinitely.

Task: A story about the situation with waste disposal in your region. Payment: At the discretion of the team. Conditions: Shoot the video and publish it on YouTube channel. Provide links to our social networks, website and hashtag #trashdation. Dates: indefinitely.

Task: A textual story about the garbage situation in your area. Payment: At the discretion of the team. Conditions: You have the opportunity to talk about waste disposal problems in your region. To receive a reward, post your story on social networks and specify hashtag #trashdation. Dates: Until April 20, 2018.

Task: Collaboration with bloggers and authors of Telegram channels. Payment: The fee depends on the coverage of the audience. Conditions: Do you have your own channel in Telegram, YouTube, group or public page in VK? You can get tokens in gratitude for the published analysis of our project. Dates: Until April 20, 2018.

Task: Writing articles in popular scientific journals about our project. Payment: At the discretion of the team depending on the content of the publication and the resource. Conditions: The articles need to fully analyze our project, find weaknesses and strengths, as well as ways to eliminate the cons. The minimum volume is 1000 characters. Dates: Until April 20, 2018.

Task: To draw graphite on our stencils. Payment: At the discretion of the team. Conditions: Select a stencil here. Dates: Until April 20, 2018.